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Politicians have repeatedly proven they’re unwilling to make hard decisions to prevent the looming climate disaster. So relying only on politicians is dangerous and foolish. Achieving climate security is going to take both governmental and individual action. A benefit of becoming more green yourself is that if you’re doing your own share, you’ll be more inclined to pressure politicians to make everyone do their share. It’s a win win. You reduce your carbon impact, and at the same time become more invested, which results in you pressuring the government and others to take action. All of us need to step up as much as we can.

Welcome to the first ever lifetime climate calculator. Once we know how much we’ve emitted, we can take steps towards making our lifetimes climate neutral in various ways. Most people during their lives have several years in a row of similar consumption. For example, for 7 years they live in the same house, commute to the same job and spend similar amounts of money. Then one or more of those things changes and a different emissions level begins. So our calculator is designed to allow you to do whole groups of years, individual years or a mix of both.

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First enter the year you were born:

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To calculate your average annual emissions for the year(s) to the left, click the button below:

To calculate emissions for 1 year, enter the same year in both menus. If your lifestyle was roughly the same for multiple years, enter the range. Then click the "Next Date Range" button to keep adding years. When you reach the year you were born, you're done.